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Dress with short sleeves, lenght on knee. Rounded neckline at the crew neck. Sleeve and insert on the top of the dress are made of Dentelle of Calais. Low cut on the back. To tie with a bow in the neck.
67% Polyamide / Nylon, 30% Viscose / Rayon, 3% Elastane / Spandex
Résille Lotus, Lise Charmel

For a feminine, intriguing and precious identity. Evocation of a lush canopy where the very old flower forms, such as Magnolias or lotuses, are detached at sunset.

Extreme refinement of an authentic Calais lace spiced with a set of mesh ground and ladder stitching. Precious guipure motifs with carved and crystal-adorned contours. A sought-after beauty where the black arabesques of leavers lace are chiseled by the light of the pink background.

Résille Lotus, Lise Charmel
Résille Lotus, Lise Charmel