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Citadine Beauté, Éprise de Lise Charmel

Citadine Beauté

Citadine Beauté by Eprise, a modern romantic line for everyday life. The delicate embroidery of flowers and leaves plays contrasts of mother-of-pearl yarns on the tulle background, chosen for its softness and nervousness. Lightened cuts are designed to provide a perfect fit in deep cups up to cup G.

Eprise by Lise Charmel, a high-end French creation for women with generous chest. Color Nude Citadine, invisible and full of sweetness.


Guipure Charming

Guipure Charming, a contemporary embroidery-guipure, reinterpreted from the Art Deco style, with the unique know-how of Lise Charmel's Eprise.

Graphic patterns of sensual curves on a tulle background "Tattoo", thin and resistant. Lightened cuts to offer firm comfort and unrivaled support in deep cups (up to cup G). Eprise, a high-end French signature for women with generous bosoms. Floral Jade, a new fresh and light color.

Guipure Charming, Eprise de Lise Charmel
Écrin Sensuel, Éprise de Lise Charmel

Écrin Sensuel

Ecrin Sensuel, a love at first sight line for an attractive, modern woman.

A sexy line to showcase the sensual beauty of every woman. Attractive shapes, created with luxurious multi-thread embroidery on ultra-soft elastic tulle for support and perfect comfort. From models with glamorous necklines to deep cups (cup G), sexy briefs and coordinating lingerie at Lise Charmel. In passion red on a black background or in sensual parm on a pink background.


Acanthe Guipure

Created with"Satin-guipure" a spectacular high-tech fabric. An innovation made of thin laser cuts satin patterns applique over light "tattoo" tulle.

Evoking acanthus leaves like jewel and dedicated to women who appreciate original styles while enjoying a perfect fit. Available in a fashion and luminous pink or in black satin. A unique design and savoir- faire legendary to Lise Charmel , creating spectacular and feminine collecions.

Acanthe Guipure, Eprise
Distinction Nuit, Eprise

Distinction Nuit

An unique and feminine couture line with a trendy creative twist.

Offering new designs while using the most beautiful materials, a combination of lace and embroidery in subtle sapphire shades over black. "Nuit Elégance" evokes a feminine magic and a strong power of seduction.


Raffinement Douceur

The creation of a relaxed seduction, high lingerie creation, in the full-cup size universe . The new luxury lingerie with a feminine shine. A refined taste in the elegance of the style.

An embroidery, as luxurious as a fine work of jewelery, inspired by imaginary flowers coordinated with the finesse of Calais lace. The color "Precious Taupe" brings a personalized, luminous, carnal tone.

Raffinement Douceur, Eprise
Dentelle Lotus, Eprise

Dentelle Lotus

For a feminine, intriguing and precious identity. Evocation of a lush canopy where the very old flower forms, such as Magnolias or lotuses, are detached at sunset.

Extreme refinement of an authentic Calais lace spiced with a set of mesh ground and ladder stitching. Precious guipure motifs with carved and crystal-adorned contours. A sought-after beauty where the black arabesques of leavers lace are chiseled by the light of the pink background.


Guipure Charming

The modernity of an elegant design realized in point guipure inspired by Art Deco handicraft creations. A haute couture line, with a particularly chic style and an incomparable support.

A universe of varied and refined pieces for women looking for a chic line, a timeless style. Creation of a Glamour nightwear offer in devoured silk for a refined seduction. Lise Charmel enriched this group with a new bright color, Ruby "Dressing Solaire".

Guipure Charming
Eprise, Arbres Lumière

Arbres Lumière

In symbiosis with the Nature that has always inspired Lise Charmel, "Forêt Lumière" embodies the magic of primary forests, leading the 2018-19 trends. Strength of a unique creation, luxury of each material: printed silk satin, intricate multithreaded embroidery, guipure, luminous shards of crystals.

Fashion beauty of a spectacular lingerie for an ultra-feminine and radiant seduction. Two radiant color ranges, remarkably coordinated: "Forêt Fougère" and "Forêt Pourpre".


Effusion Végétale

The subtle elegance of a modern femininity that combines seduction and freedom of allure. Evocation of rare nature, braids of thinly ribbed leaves like jewelry. 4-Colour Multithreads embroidery and guipure inlay.

A large contribution of new materials: modal silk, wool/silk/cashmere, silk georgette. Fashionable parts that are easy to wear from day to night. Two complementary colors: "Vegetal Rose" all in trendy pastels, "Vegetal Gris" with a more accentuated elegance.

Eprise, Effusion Végétale