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Fancy Stockings

15 deniers stockings to hold with garters for a sexy seduction with feminity. Delicate Lined with a self-fixing silicone band for a pefect fitting.
68% Polyamide / Nylon, 20% Polyester, 12% Elastane / Spandex
Résille Lotus, Lise Charmel

For a feminine, intriguing and precious identity. Evocation of a lush canopy where the very old flower forms, such as Magnolias or lotuses, are detached at sunset.

Extreme refinement of an authentic Calais lace spiced with a set of mesh ground and ladder stitching. Precious guipure motifs with carved and crystal-adorned contours. A sought-after beauty where the black arabesques of leavers lace are chiseled by the light of the pink background.

Résille Lotus, Lise Charmel
Résille Lotus, Lise Charmel