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Demi Cup

Underwired and smooth demi cup bra with horizontal stitching. This bra offers a curved cleavage full of feminity. The spaghettis straps are thin and adjustable for more lightness and feminity. Guipure yokes for tatoo effect on the cups and at the back panel. Refined Swarovski necklet as a finishing touch.
73% Polyester, 21% Polyamide / Nylon, 3% Cotton, 3% Elastane / Spandex


Low waist shorty in tulle revealing slightly the bottom. This shorty cover each sides thanks to the guipure yokes with tatoo effect. Delicate organza bow at the back.
44% Polyamide / Nylon, 39% Polyester, 9% Elastane / Spandex, 8% Cotton
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Dressing Floral, Lise Charmel

Dressing floral, a contemporary embroidery-guipure, reinterpreted from the Art Deco style with the unique and famous know-how of Lise Charmel.

The graphic patterns of sensual curves are outlined on a tulle background "Tattoo". The forms offer a firm comfort, an incomparable support. Lise Charmel, an elegant French high-end signature. Sensual lingerie in devoured silk, inlaid with Calais Leavers lace. Floral Jade, a new fresh and light summer color.

Dressing Floral, Lise Charmel
Dressing Floral, Lise Charmel