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A beautiful silk padded plunge bra, with stunningly embroided tulle details. A new seasonal colour 'rose' from the Iconic 'Splendeur soie' silk range exclusive to Lise Charmel.
31% Polyurethan, 27% Polyester, 24% Silk, 15% Polyamide / Nylon, 3% Elastane / Spandex
Splendeur Soie, Lise Charmel

Splendeur Soie, a luxurious sensuality in a matter of exception by its brilliance, its richness and by its softness very pleasant to carry.

This breathable natural material brings freshness to the skin in summer. The embroidered silk bras by Lise Charmel have a unique and well-known fit for all women's bodies (depths A to F). Silk lingerie inlaid with French Leavers lace. Color Splendeur Fiji, a two-tone ocean blue and mother-of-pearl.

Splendeur Soie, Lise Charmel
Splendeur Soie, Lise Charmel