Lise Charmel chooses qualitative, comfortable and feminine fabrics for its lingerie collections. Discover hereunder the fabrics offered by the brand. They will have no more secrets for you.

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Calais lace is an openwork fabric made of woven yarn. This woven lace offers an unlimited variety of designs with transparency and opacity. It is made on old looms that reproduces the gestures of lacemakers at the origin of lace making . This lace is extremely qualitative, inimitable and unequaled by other techniques. Its delicacy and great finesse allow perfect invisibility under clothing. Choose a lacy lingerie with authentic luxury!


Embroidery is a unique French know-how , which is envied by many countries. An embroidery is a technique that involves sewing threads of different colors on a material to create a pattern. The Lise Charmel embroideries guarantee the quality of a high-definition drawing with a perfect resistance when worn.


The guipure is a bottomless embroidery allowing openwork. The technique of realization is thus identical to the embroidery; however the threads are sewn on a cellulosic support which disappears with water later in the process. This allows the opening of the material and a magnificent tattoo effect when worn. This process allows sublime details of transparency, and an incomparable relief of the drawings.


Underwear made from microfibers is well known for its comfort. Microfiber is a very fine and light textile fiber. This material is used for sports underwear because perspiration can evaporate. Microfiber offers our lingerie remarkable properties such as: softness, lightness and comfort.


Silk: a luxurious material with exceptional natural properties. It is a natural protein fiber from animal origin. Silk thread is woven according to the technique of manufacturing satin to obtain a silk fabric. Its strong insulating properties are essential to offer women lingerie that keeps them warm when it is cold and cool in summer. Silk is a qualitative material thanks to its softness, shine, finesse and delicacy.


Viscose is a synthetic fiber made of cellulose. It is considered one of the oldest synthetic fibers and is often used for clothing. The viscose is breathable, absorbent, particularly soft for the skin and therefore very pleasant to wear. Viscose is: the appearance of cotton, the softness of silk.


Cotton is the perfect material that combines comfort, warmth and softness. It is the most used natural textile fiber in the world, it comes from cotton plant. It has multiple skills: it is a supple, soft and comfortable fiber. It is also hypoallergenic with a strong weather-proofing. It is as perfect to be worn in corsetry as in lingerie.


A knit fabric is an interlacing of folded threads in loops; it is made on knitting machines. The knit fabrics used in lingerie are very thin and very tight for a smooth finish.