Splendeur Orchidée by Lise Charmel drives us to a magical world. The print mixes Orchid flowers and Cashemere for an explosion of energizing colors. The purity of the cuts with thin jeweled straps, sublimates a sensual silhouette. Lycra Beauty certified, printed in Italy, the nervous and soft material offers perfect comfort. Elegant beachwear in printed polyester veil.
Colors Pink Orchid, Fuchsia, Turquoise and Mint on a white background.

Lise Charmel - 53B - Splendeur OrchidéeLise Charmel - 53B - Splendeur Orchidée

Lise Charmel - 55B - Anneaux D'or - NoirLise Charmel - 55B - Anneaux D'or - Noir



Anneaux d'Or, a contemporary Sporty Couture line from Lise Charmel. With the sparkle of gold thread, the elastic bands embroidered highlight the clean cuts. As an accessory, a graphic jewel buckle is a chic signature. Lycra Beauty certified, the soft, breathable and toned material gently curves with perfect fit. Spectacular, the One Shoulder Asymmetric Swimmer seduces with a sensual back. This material is OEKO-Tex and protects the skin from UV rays.
Color Black.



Ajourage Couture, modern and sensual elegance with the unique know-how of Lise Charmel!
The clean cuts with openwork graphic patterns let the skin hint like a tattoo. Lycra Beauty certified, the breathable nerve mesh gently sculpts with a natural allure and allows exceptional well-being. This material protects the skin from UV rays. It guarantees the good resistance of the colors to seawater and chlorine.
New colors: Tango Couture (Rouge intense), Pacifique Couture (Bleu-Vert énergique).

Lise Charmel -  15B - Ajourage Couture Lise Charmel -  15B - Ajourage Couture

Lise Charmel - 58B - Lumiere SolaireLise Charmel - 58B - Lumiere Solaire



Solar Light, a vitamin and optimistic silhouette. The graphic print with bright colors takes us on a Pop and joyful artistic journey. The sober cuts underlined by a contrasting border and the chic accessories sign the creative fashion of Lise Charmel. Lycra Beauty certified, made in Italy, printed in France, the soft and toned mesh offers optimum support and perfect comfort. Elegant beachwear in printed viscose veil.
Multicolored colors on white background



Pure Beauty, the Lise Charmel signature which marks the meeting of elegance with chic simplicity. The contemporary and minimalist look highlights the work of clean cuts, cuts with fine graphic jewels that enhance the curves of the silhouette. Lycra Beauty certified, the breathable, soft and toned material gently curves to adapt to the body of each woman. Protects the skin from UV rays.
Colors Pop, Pure Mimosa (sunny yellow), Indigo Sea (cobalt), Pure Emerald and Black.

Lise Charmel - 51B -Beaute PureLise Charmel - 51B -Beaute Pure

Lise Charmel - 56B - Evasion JungleLise Charmel - 56B - Evasion Jungle



Evasion Jungle by Lise Charmel, an imaginary journey through exuberant and wild vegetation. Illuminated by the rays of the sun, the flora is colored in an aquatic blue palette. A yellow piping with fine Charm's jewels, structure and draws a sublimated silhouette. Lycra Xtra-Life certified, the fine, soft and toned qualitative material offers pleasant comfort and optimum support. Fluid and light beachwear, comfortable to wear, in printed polyester veil.
Jungle Aqua color.



Sublime Drapé by Lise Charmel, a sensual and light look that is freely reinvented with pleated effects. In a couture spirit, the fluid silhouettes with seductive cuts and soft materials highlight a sublimated body. Lycra Beauty certified, the soft and edgy mesh gently sculpts and curves to adapt to the silhouette of every woman looking for comfort and support. Effectively protects the skin against UV rays.
Colors Navy Sublime, Khaki Piping.

Lise Charmel - 50B -Sublime DrapeLise Charmel - 50B -Sublime Drape

Lise Charmel - 522B - Legerete de PlumeLise Charmel - 522B - Legerete de Plume



Légèreté de Plumes, a contemporary elegance by Lise Charmel to celebrate the pleasure of well-being. This daring line mixes a print of light feathers with khaki and black colors to create a work of proportions that refines the silhouette. The modernity of the cuts sublimates the sensuality of the necklines and backs, the delicacy of the edges and the lightness of the two-tone straps. Loose and comfortable beachwear in white embroidered cotton.
Nature feathers, printed in Sand, Khaki and Black



Chic Audace by Lise Charmel, a contemporary look with a Show Off touch. The purity of the lines flatters the silhouette with scalloped necklines, plunging backs to the small of the back. Thin cutouts highlight the hips with signature golden jewelry. Lycra Beauty certified, the soft, breathable and edgy knit curves with perfect fit. Unique, the Swimmer Seduction swimsuit can be worn day or night in a bodysuit
In glamorous black, sensual white for a romantic trip

Lise Charmel - 59B - Chic AudaceLise Charmel - 59B - Chic Audace

Lise Charmel - 522B - Legerete de PlumeLise Charmel - 522B - Legerete de Plume



Energie Nautique by Lise Charmel plays a sporty chic spirit with a vitamin look. The graphic cuts are highlighted by an elastic with Lurex stripes. Lycra Beauty certified, made in Spain, the lightweight, breathable and ultra-soft mesh seduces with a second-skin touch. Tonic, it shapes the silhouette of each woman while accompanying the movements to offer a perfect fit. This material effectively protects against UV rays.
Nautical Flame Color (Bright Red).