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A minimalist aesthetic with a couture spirit. A sober and modern style for pure models, feminine, of a rare beauty.

A mesh Lycra Beauty® certified, wearing second skin, is encrusted with a perforated band of fine graphic patterns cut. The elegance of a deep black, the modernity of a bright blue, the chic of a taupe.

Ajourage Couture
Fleurs Lagon


Insipred by Bohemian chic, romantic, this print combines with lightness, freshness and modernity the white lagoon flowers with graphic stripes.

A Lycra Xtra Life certified fine mesh, breathable and toned allows comfort and optimum support up to fuller cups. Ultra-resistance to seawater and chlorine. The ultra feminine beachwear pieces to wear both at the beach or in the city. Charm of the bright aquatic blue, full of sweetness and sensuality.



Fairy beauty of the marine world, interpreted with dynamic graphics and clean cuts.

A Lycra Xtra Life certified mesh, fine and breathable, brings comfort and optimum maintenance up to fuller cups. Feminine necklines enriched with embroidered sequins. High resistance to seawater and chlorine. Range of bright colors in shades of aquatic blue or bright pink-orange underwater flowers for a colorful summer.

Coraux Merveille
Perfect Allure, Lise Charmel

Perfect Allure

Iconic line with a shaping fabric, easy to wear as a swim or bodysuit. The refined cut enhances the ultra-plunging back with thin straps and a hemstitched pattern with leather effect.

A Lycra Beauty® certified mesh, offers the softness of a second skin touch. Its shaping effect enhance the silhouette while comfort and maintenance. This Must Have can be worn during the day as in the evening, at the beach or in the city. Exists in sensual white or sexy black.



The elegant, cruising style inspired by the grace of the beauties of ancient Greece. The combination of a pure feminine sporty look and modernity of frank colors, juxtaposed.

A nervous and tonic mesh, with a very high resistance to chlorine, seawater and UV. Volume games designed to enhance the curves of the female body by visually refining: cross effects, thin belts, two-tone shades.

Audace Beauté
Tresses Bijoux


An elegant line with clean and contemporary shapes. Jacquard material embossed with graphic patterns, soft and tonic, offers comfort and optimum support up to fuller cups.

Love at first sight for the Black color with fine silver chains and a beachwear full of sensuality! In the Blue or Fuschia colors, the fine braids with silver buckles emphasize the neckline. To wear everyday with a light cotton beachwear.


Éclat Élégance

New contemporary femininity with graphic cuts, enriched with gold or silver colored studs.

A Lycra Xtra Life certified mesh, soft, fluid and fine allows the extra-flat pleats. Its tonicity brings a better comfort and maintenance up to fuller cups. High resistance to seawater and chlorine. Love at first sight with Kaki, Fuschia or Black colors, with a mixed cotton and silk, with a modern layout prints, to wear all summer long !

Éclat Élégance
Création Solaire, Lise Charmel

Création Solaire

A contemporary and elegant style, combines a sporty feminine look with the modernity of graphic bands.

A Lycra Xtra Life certified mesh, brings softness, finesse and allows a very flat seams. Its firmness provides comfort and optimum maintenance up to fuller cups. High resistance to seawater and chlorine. The harmony of each three glowing colors is enriched by the brilliance of Swarovski rhinestones.



Inspired by a lush nature, this print reinterprets the Cashmere with fine embroidered stripes, enriched with glitter. The cut back indented, crossed or laced, it holds the body in great reverence.

A Lycra Xtra Life certified mesh, fine and breathable, it offers comfort and optimum support up to fuller cups. High resistance to seawater and chlorine. With bright colors on a black or white background.

Evasion Bengali, Lise Charmel
Distinction Nautique


A collection of timeless sporty elegance, in a spirit of Cruise travel. The contemporary cuts are structured by fine white ribs and cuts enriched with small silver nails

Lycra Xtra Life certified mesh is soft and breathable, thin and fluid. Its tone accompanies with comfort and maintenance up to fuller cups. Ultra-resistance to seawater and chlorine. Modernity of the bright seaside colors, sporty and elegant.


Sporty Plage

The elegant and sleek shapewear line. New generation sculpting swimsuits, smoothing the body, for a harmonious silhouette of sporty look.

A double-faced Lycra Beauty® certified mesh, soft and comfortable, particularly nervous, is structured by sets of satin lines and ultra flat. Elegance and sobriety of colors treated in contrast of matt and satin materials.

Sporty Plage
Luxuriance Maya, Lise Charmel

Luxuriance Maya

The striking beauty of an outstanding and graphic nature with sensual forms and ultra fashion links.

A Lycra Xtra Life certified mesh, soft, fine and ventilated, of a perfect tonicity to accompany in comfort the big sizes. High resistance to seawater and chlorine. A harmony of solar colors on an orange background enriched with multicolored stripes in neckline. The luminous and radiant silhouette of summer !


Affirmation Féline

A modern inspiration of a wild nature with bluish aquatic paradises and amber colored beasts.

A Lycra Xtra Life mesh certified, airy, thin and fluid, a tonicity adapted to the comfort and maintenance of deep cups. An elegant band of embroidered sequins enriched with low necklines, sizes and sublime beach or city outfits. High resistance to seawater and chlorine. A sensual and feminine silhouette in a spirit of travel and freedom.

Affirmation Féline, Lise Charmel
Aventure Dentelle


Full of charm for this romantic beachwear, Bohemian chic, with modern graphics.

A very soft macramé lace, with a natural touch, pleasant to wear. Its lightness and fluidity are all comfort assets during the summer heat. The forms are designed to be worn during the day as in the evening, in the city as on the beach. Available in romantic natural color (Ecru Nacre) or in sensual Black.


Transparences Été

Beachwear in a contemporary and elegant style with herringbone patterns, highlighted by sequins in neckline.

A soft jacquard lace, fluid and light, wrinkle-free, easy maintenance on vacation. Pleasant and comfortable to wear during the summer heat. Forms are designed to be worn day or night, at the beach or in the city. In White or Black colors.

Transparences Été, Lise Charmel
Impression Graphic


A contemporary elegance of nautical spirit with printed graphic patterns, light and bi-coloured. The cuts refine the body with white bands, enriched with little silver nails.

A Lycra Xtra Life certified soft mesh, fine and breathable, brings the comfort and optimum maintenance. High resistance to seawater and chlorine. A range of bright colors and a charming lace beachwear for a seaside Sporty spirit.


Cristal Féerie

A contemporary and refined elegance with sensual forms, daring plunging necklines enriched by the unique radiance of mirrored rhinestones.

A plain mesh, certified Lycra Xtra Life, soft and fine allows extra flat seams. Its tone offers comfort and optimum support while enhancing the silhouette. Sensuality and elegance of the iconic Black color, good to wear both in the city as on the beach, day or evening.

Cristal Féerie, Lise Charmel
Trouble Charmel

Trouble Charmel

A set of models that sublimate the silhouette and look of women, designed to be worn on the beach as the city.

The body is filtered by a lace of a geometric late modern graphic design, ultra qualitative, ensuring ease, softness and beautiful fall. The necklines are sublimated by the encrustation of a spectacular guipure pattern. Two basic colors, essential, to coordinate with happiness with the collection.



The wardrobe of an elegant beach, couture, modern. Quality and refined ready-to-wear pieces.

A string and weft of viscose, with cotton touch, enriched with a braid embroidered with guipure worked with the composition of stylized flowers with large openings. A pure white, optic and luminous, the basic color, essential, to have in its summer wardrobe.

Plage et Ville



Ajourage Couture, modern and sensual elegance with the unique know-how of Lise Charmel!
The clean cuts with openwork graphic patterns let the skin hint like a tattoo. Lycra Beauty certified, the breathable nerve mesh gently sculpts with a natural allure and allows exceptional well-being. This material protects the skin from UV rays. It guarantees the good resistance of the colors to seawater and chlorine.
New colors: Curry, Sienne, Bleu Crystal (navy).



Energie Nautique, a sporty chic spirit for a contemporary and graphic look. The new cuts, underlined by a striped elastic band, highlight the body.
The soft and light, opaque and lively mesh accompanies the movements with a unique comfort (adjustable straps) and a perfect fit. Lycra Xtra Life certified, the material guarantees color resistance to seawater and chlorine and protects the skin from UV rays.
Color Khaki, white-navy-copper striped elastic.



Plaisir Régate, a modern and chic Cruise line with natural elegance. The draped cuts are underlined by a fine border gilded like a gold thread. The shapes gently shape the curves of the body. The nervous elastic woven material allows to achieve luxurious pleats with perfect comfort and fit. The Lycra Beauty certified material protects the skin from UV rays and ensures good color resistance.
Cruise Colors: Rouge Hibiscus, Bleu Régate.



Tropical Féérie, a free and chic silhouette with a vibrant print of wild vegetation where a zebra is hiding. Refined finishes mix twisted ties, cut leaves and fine golden jewelry with logo. The soft and nervous mesh Lycra Beauty certified, offers comfort and perfect support. It effectively protects the skin from UV rays. Beachwear, Dress, Wrinkle-resistant jumpsuit, comfortable to wear. Magnificent Sarong with a zebra.
Colors: Tropical nature on a white background.