Step into the whirlwind of a sumptuous party revealing the intensity of a radiant femininity. Dare the suggestive transparency of a black tulle embroidered with subtly shiny threads which will illuminate your look with their blue and silver reflections. A line that plays with paradoxes, dazzling and mysterious, chic and provocative, spectacular and yet so delicate. The emblematic line for your end-of-year celebrations.

Color Nuit Argent

Fall-Winter Collection

Lise Charmel - H35 -Les Nuits ChicsLise Charmel - H35 -Les Nuits Chics

Lise Charmel - H07 - GLAMOUR COUTURELise Charmel - H07 - GLAMOUR COUTURE



Step into the limelight with a flamboyant line that mixes with mastery leather effect and transparency. A highly couture look to reveal the neckline or to wear out. 

Pursue the thread of your intimate story with refined erotic accessories. Sexy necklace, removable garters or waist cincher will sure make an impression

New color Glam Désir. Also available in black

Fall-Winter Collection




Selected with the greatest care, our silk is woven like a satin to offer you exceptional soft quality and shine. The ultimate expression of authentic artistic craftsmanship, luxurious embroidery with fine arabesques completes the look with a majestic elegance. The unique brilliance of these pieces is revealed by a wonderful rich palette of colors. The ideal gift to offer (to oneself) as a sweet word, so sweet.

New color Splendeur Bermude

Fall-Winter Collection

Lise Charmel - C80 -Splendeur SoieLise Charmel - C80 -Splendeur Soie

Lise Charmel - H15 - DEESSE EN GLAMLise Charmel - H15 - DEESSE EN GLAM



In the evening light, a marvelous apparition arises with sumptuous embroideries and golden reflections to illuminate your nights with ultimate refinement. Exquisite detail, a body jewel in the form of a removable necklace adorns the neckline or the back, according to your desires. In velvet or printed silk, the coordinated loungewear extends the mystery between Couture and casual wear.

Color Or Glamour on Black




Lightness reaches the peak of its art with transparent background, sensual volutes rising from a luxurious finely openwork guipure while the skin is gradually covered with silver reflections and delicate shades of gray. A refined loungewear in devoured silk encrusted with Calais Leavers lace prolongs the magic and delights your nights.

Dressing argent color

Fall-Winter Collection

Lise Charmel - C88 - Dressing FloralLise Charmel - C88 - Dressing Floral

Lise Charmel - H26 - DESIR DE ROSESLise Charmel - H26 - DESIR DE ROSES



A line that is adorned with seductive details offering the quintessence of French glamour. From the mystery of chiaroscuro Leavers lace emerge sumptuous embroidered roses like flowers of light resting on the skin. A great evening look magnified by exceptional pieces, elegant and delicately sexy.

Luminous Pink color on black.

Fall-Winter Collection




The sensory line Aveu en Fleurs transports you to a wonderful odyssey through the shimmering light of printed silk satin and adorned luxurious embroidery in nine bright colors that flourish in a trendy Autumn- winter palette. Let yourself dazzled by the look of silk loungewear, to wear as you wish indoors or as ready to wear.

Color Aveu Petale, rose , Cobalt blue with plum background

Fall-Winter Collection

Lise Charmel - H43 - Aveu en FleursLise Charmel - H43 - Aveu en Fleurs

Lise Charmel - H13 - Sublime en DentelleLise Charmel - H13 - Sublime en Dentelle




Delicate couture leavers lace certified Calais-Caudry whose evanescent lightness caresses shoulders with luxurious embroidery and scalloped edges. This exclusive creation, resulting from the most precious French know-how, is now part of the exclusive Lise Charmel Iconic lines, offering you simply sublime pieces in fashionable and timeless colors all year long.

New color Fuchsia Sublime

Fall-Winter Collection




Imagine une Ile  takes you in a whirlwind of colors in the heart of a wild and lush nature. Reminiscent of an exotic island revealed with rich vegetal print on tulle and enhanced by a multi-thread floral embroidery with subtle brilliance. Precious details underline the sensuality of the back and neckline. Continue the adventure with the coordinated loungewear printed on a soft veil and succumb to a glamorous farniente .

Color Ile en fleur made of printed bold colors, green, lilac and citrine yellow. 


Lise Charmel - H14 - Imagine une IleLise Charmel - H14 - Imagine une Ile

Lise Charmel - H07 - Glamour Couture - NoirLise Charmel - H07 - Glamour Couture - Noir




Imagine la Beaute, a delicate sensuality in the romantic style by Lise Charmel. The Leavers lace offers an exceptional wealth of floral motifs over a mesh background that reveals the skin. The garland of embroidered flowers illuminates with pastel shades like a soft reflection of the sun. The refined and sensual cuts provide pleasant comfort and perfect support to all women. Ideal adornments to seduce brides.
Color Ecru Mother-of-pearl