So glamorous, a sensual line of Lise Charmel for a contemporary woman.
This rich embroidery uses 6 different yarns to create relief and light. Fine graphic patterns alternate with an underlined flower of brilliance that arises on the skin like a tatoo. The sleek cuts bring a slender shape to the silhouette with satin cuttings and backing backs with lacing. Chic and sexy lingerie, nightie, silk satin babdoll.
So ruby, a bright red.



Dressing floral by Lise Charmel, a chic, graphic line in a couture spirit. The finely openwork guipure on a Tattoo background lets the skin guess with sensuality. The delicate vegetal graphics are seductive. The clean cuts provide firm comfort and pleasant support. In Sexy novelty, Triangle Frame and Thong sublimate the back with fine jewel links.
Printed silk lingerie, encrusted with French Leavers lace.
Dressing Aloe, a green shade of blue, deep and elegant.



Flora Aura, a glamorous, creative, dazzling line inspired by enchanted nature. The printed embroidery charms with the richness and light of its nuanced colors. The fineness of the points gives a sensual tactile sensation of velvet. The clean cuts, underlined by a straight elastic, bring modernity, pleasant comfort, perfect support even in large sizes.
Printed devoured silk lingerie, inlaid with Leavers lace.
Aura Pastel subtle colors on a black background.



"Soir de Venise", a couture line with the unique know-how of Lise Charmel.
Embroidery with sensual curves is inspired by Venetian motifs and is mixed with a fine French lever lace. In neckline, the rhinestones are placed by hand to bring light. Chic and light cups offer comfort and maintenance perfect to deep couples (Cup G). Lingerie in silk crepe encrusted with a refined calais lever lace.
New Color gray Venice sophisticated



"Magie Saphir", a romantic line of Lise Charmel which celebrates the beauty of an enchanted garden. The floral embroidery uses 7 different colors yarns for a dramatic effect on a transparent tulle background. Lightweight and clean cuts are highlighted by a fine French lever lace band. The loungewear Caraco-Pants, nightie, kimono, undressed in viscose printed is pleasant to wear daily.
Sapphire eclosion, fuchsia, purple and green color on dark background.



Bright beauty, the Lise Charmel Cavalière seduction line offers the lightness and elegance of a silk scarf print. A mixture mix that combines a brilliant print with chain and pompoms to the fineness of a lever lace. Sensual sections are highlighted by a red satin bias that sublimates the curves of the silhouette. Chic lingerie, casual elastic silk with jacket and pants, nightie, SleePdress.
Ambre Cavalière Fashion Color, Sweet on the Skin



Sublime lace Lise Charmel, a sensual line and chic for a woman who says her seduction while remaining herself. The material combines a rich graphical embroidery with a delicate French leavers lace. Fine plant motifs are on a fishnet. The clean cuts bring comfort and maintenance perfect for all women. Lingerie in elastic silk crepe, wool welfare and silk sublimate neckline and sexy back.
Bright and transparent black