Soutien-gorge glam - Sublime en DentelleSoutien-gorge glam - Sublime en Dentelle




Indulge in the infinite delicacy of a unique Leavers lace, made in the purest tradition of the artisans of Calais-Caudry®, with unrivaled know-how. From an exclusive creation, a new graphic reveals a moving natural world, with the lightness of a dream. While inspired by the aesthetic of tailoring, the pure and structured cuts highlight the curves of the body to deliver all of its mysterious sensuality. Each piece is adorned with unique details, both provocative and refined, to give your look an elegance with incredible charm. Finally, don't miss the spectacular demi bodysuit for a breathtaking silhouette.

New Black color

Also available in White

Fall-Winter Collection



At the genesis of a new sensuality the dream of a sublimated nudity emerges. Playing with an optical illusion, a golden Nude color fades on the skin to better celebrate it with precious materials and suggestive transparencies. As a highlight, and as if by magic, sumptuous embroidery, magnified by gold thread, illuminates the look with a touch of ultimate radiance. An intimate and captivating aesthetic that draws on ultra-refinement, the most singular and exhilarating of pleasures.

New color Déesse Nude

Also available in Or Glamour color

Fall-Winter Collection

Ensemble de lingerie - Deesse en GlamEnsemble de lingerie - Deesse en Glam
Ensemble de lingerie - Dressing FloralEnsemble de lingerie - Dressing Floral



C’est ici sans conteste que la légèreté atteint le sommet de son art. Sur fond transparent, de sensuelles volutes s'élèvent d'une luxueuse guipure finement ajourée. Tandis que la peau s’illumine peu à peu de reflets radieux à l’image d’un ciel d’été. Une nuisette sexy en crêpe de soie doux et fluide vient prolonger l’enchantement pour vous emporter dans la magie d’une nuit étoilée.

Nouveau coloris Dressing Ciel

Existe aussi dans d’autres coloris

Collection Printemps-Été

Ensemble de lingerie - Envolee de FleursEnsemble de lingerie - Envolee de Fleurs



Imagine a nature that is bathed in light with exalting colors giving life to a powerful and sensual floral quintessence. Lush vegetation and aquatic flowers reflect on the water illuminated by the dancing rays of the sun. A vision enchanted by shades of turquoise, sapphire, aquamarine and emerald that seem to rise and blend in perfect alchemy. Emblematic of the House's creativity, an Art embroidery unfolds its slender petals in a palette of eight colors crossed by a thread of light. Magnified by subtle proportions and exceptional couture know-how, a bold combination of materials made of embroidery and print highlights the body sensuality .

Color Floral Aqua

Fall-Winter Collection

Ensemble de lingerie - Sublime en DentelleEnsemble de lingerie - Sublime en Dentelle



Délicatesse couture d’une dentelle Leavers de Calais-Caudry dont l’insaisissable légèreté côtoie une luxueuse broderie aux bords festonnés. Un motif bijou composé de différents strass vient magnifier le décolleté. Cette création exclusive, issue du plus précieux savoir-faire français, est entrée dans le cercle privilégié des Iconiques de Lise Charmel, pour vous proposer toute l’année, dans des coloris intemporels et mode, des pièces simplement sublimes.

Nouveau coloris Rose Sublime, tendre et sensuel

Existe aussi dans d’autres coloris

Collection Printemps-Été



Let's take the Silk Road together, like an initiatory journey to discover our senses. Natural, shimmering, with exquisite softness, our silk, woven in satin style, alone fulfills all our desires for beauty and well-being. The ultimate expression of authentic artistic craftsmanship, a delicate embroidery with fine arabesques will adorn you with its majestic elegance, like the signature of a unique creation with a profoundly timeless aesthetic. Chic and romantic, tender and luminous, a new color borrowed from the cosmetics palette will enhance your complexion while delighting your look with an irresistible touch of pink.

New color Splendeur Rose

New color Splendeur Rose

Fall-Winter Collection

Ensemble de lingerie - Splendeur SoieEnsemble de lingerie - Splendeur Soie

Ensemble de lingerie - Follement SexyEnsemble de lingerie - Follement Sexy



Envelop yourself with softness with pieces that play with fashions and seasons. Natural and breathable, wool and silk combine their respective virtues to provide you with wonderful comfort and style. Touches of refinement embelished with Leavers lace and scalloped edges adorn the shoulders and neckline. Seamless knit allow you to wear with great freedom of style and movement. Available in 4 silhouettes. A signature of eternal elegance that opens the doors to the new season.

Color Black

Fall-Winter Collection