So you have been seduced by Lise Charmel's beautiful collections? Now it's time to select THE bra that will perfectly enhance your silhouette while providing you with optimal fit and comfort. Here’s our advice and a few tips for choosing and wearing the best fitting bra for your bust and body shape.


It is essential to determine your bra size in order to choose the best bra in which you feel comfortable and one that will boost your confidence all day long.
A suitable bra will allow you to both enhance your chest and provide it with optimal comfort. Do not forget: a well-chosen bra make you forget that you are wearing it throughout the day.

How to find your size ?

- Have a tape measure
- Measure around your bust horizontally at the height of the tip of your breasts
- Measure around your back, just below your bust
- Refer to our size guide to know your Lise Charmel size



Once you know your exact bra size, you now need to select the best fit for your chest. Indeed, each breast is different, as is the size, depth or volume ... Each breast therefore corresponds to one or more forms of bras.

You prefer to maximize support ?

Set your sights on models with wider straps and an underwire. The full cup bras will meet your expectations. Want an invisible lingerie? Prefer bustiere shapes and padded models. And if for you, bra means volume, choose the push-up models.
Whatever the desired effect, make your bra work for you and become an invaluable asset for both comfort and beauty.
We invite you to refer to our guide on forms to find one that will suit you best.



For an optimal fit, it is essential that straps, sliders, wires and cups are perfectly adjusted.

Here are some simple tips to properly adjust and wear your bra correctly so that it does not lose its effectiveness or comfort :

The straps of your bra play an important role in support and fit. They must be perfectly adjusted and never slip off your shoulders or hurt you.
If you have a generous chest, opt for wider and thicker straps and avoid thin straps that could leave marks on your shoulders.
Quick tip: always check the adjustment of your straps after each wash because they can loosen slightly during washing, either by hand or in a machine.
Keep in mind that poorly placed or thin straps can prevent your body from moving naturally and therefore will not hold and support your chest properly.

There are bras with and without wires. When choosing a model with an under-wire, it is essential to ensure the placement of these.
The under-wire must fit the shape of your breast. If your under-wires are painful to wear, it is because you do not have the right bra size.

When you put on your bra, it is best to hook the back behind you and not to the front. This will prevent you from distorting the under-wires over time.
The bra should be adjusted to the first row of hooks. You should be comfortable to make any movements without any embarrassment. You mustn’t be too loose or too compressed. In case of loss or weight gain you can always readjust your back hooks.

It is important to choose the correct cup size; too smaller cup just as too bigger cup will not be your best ally for either the look or for the comfort and support.
A cup that is too small will crush your breast and have an unsightly visual effect when you wear tight fitting clothes.
A cup size too big will make your bra wrinkle and will not give you any support. Your breasts will not completely fill cups that are too big and the look will not be pleasing and will offer no comfort or support.
By choosing the correct cup size, you will be properly supported, and at the same time, your bust and your bust will look aesthetically pleasing.
The bridge of the bra between the two cups should sit snuggly against the chest and not lift up.

For optimal support, the band in the back should not be too tight nor too loose. It must not cut into your skin nor ride up your back.
If your back band is cutting into your skin, it's because your bra is too small. You should not have any marks when you remove your bra or small unsightly bulges when wearing it, the correct tension is essential. Do wear your bra too tightly, if this is the case opt for a larger size.
If your back rides up, it's because your bra is too big. The back should be placed exactly horizontally and at the same height as the cups of your bra. Keep the same cup size but opt for a lower back size if this is the case.
If your bra annoys you or your chest is compressed, it is certain that your bra is not adapted to your morphology or that you do not have the right size. Do not waitto change an incorrectly fitting bra !


To feel comfortable and have confidence in yourself, it is essential to have a suitable and well positioned bra. It is also important to take care of your chest itself. Here are some tips to adopt daily :

- Hydrate your skin
- Strengthen the tissue while stimulating blood circulation with a stream of cold water in the shower
- Stand up straight and avoid positions that could crush your chest

The chest’s skin may lose elasticity over time. To overcome this risk, ensure your breasts are in best position and you carry yourself with the best possible posture, starting from a young age.
The volume of your breasts is likely to vary during your life (gaining or losing weight, pregnancy or menopause ...). It is therefore advisable to regularly take your measurements to be certain you have correctly fitted bras at all times.


Lise Charmel enhances every woman’s silhouette by providing them with lingerie made from exceptionally high quality materials such as Calais lace, guipure and silk, hand finished with great attention to detail.
In order not to alter the quality, efficiency and aesthetics of your bra, please take the utmost care of it.

Here are some tips :

- Scrupulously follow the washing instructions
- Separate colors
- Give as much importance to washing as to drying
- Never use a tumble-dryer

Find Lise Charmel’s complete guide to lingerie care


Please keep in mind that choosing the right bra size is as important as choosing the right form for fit. You now have all the information in order to choose the best fitting Lise Charmel lingerie.